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Building Your Brand

How Your Customer Sees You and Your Business


When you think about building your brand, you’re thinking about your customer’s entire relationship with your company. This includes your company logo, the font you use on your website, the way your staff answers the phone, and how your office spaces or stores are decorated. Your brand shapes the way people view your company and whatever products or services you’re selling them.

It can be overwhelming to consider everything that goes into the brand of a company, but it is critical to be aware of because brands are more important than they’ve even been before—even for small businesses. As Scott Goodson says, “Products have life cycles. Brands outlive products. Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience. Brands are valuable. Many companies put the value of their brand on their balance sheet.”

The brand of your company is relevant to your long-term success, so you should have a plan to create the brand experience you want customers to have. A good brand like Starbucks, Nike, or Apple doesn’t happen by chance—it is created via an organized, strategic plan that considers more than the thing you’re selling.

Here are three top reasons to consider working with a professional in building your brand strategy:

1. Branding Promotes Recognition

People like to do business with companies they are familiar with. This means that having a consistent, easy to recognize brand will help people feel more comfortable about purchasing your products and services. One of the primary parts of being recognizable is having a professional logo design. It should be simple enough to be memorable, but should also promote the impression you want customers to have of your company.

2. Branding Establishes Trust

A good brand builds credibility. New customers may not be inclined to purchase from a business that doesn’t appear professional or legitimate. In addition, after your brand brings in those new customers, it should help keep them. This means you must be true to the brand you have established. Customers won’t come back (or refer your company to someone else) if you don’t deliver whatever your brand promises, whether that is amazing service, durable products, or fast delivery.

3. Branding Provides Direction

If your brand is clear, it will not only help you build a more profitable relationship with your customers, but will also provide your staff with direction. The company brand strategy tells your employees how they should act and can motivate them to achieve the goals you have set for your company. In a way, a strong brand becomes a flag that the company can rally around.

The best brands are founded on a strong idea that defines your company. It gives your staff something to strive for and lets your customers know who you are. It is your business identity and should be a significant part of how you operate on a daily basis. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help make it better!

Check back later for more information on how to improve your brand strategy.

Image courtesy of kromkrathog at FreeDigitalPhotos.net