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Advertising vs. Marketing The Different Roles of Advertising and Marketing in Your Business You’ve probably heard of advertising and marketing. Likely you’ve heard them in the same sentence. While advertising and marketing may seem to the same thing, they are in fact different. While the goal of both advertising and marketing is to sell a product or service, they are separate processes. To get the most out of your marketing and advertising plans, it is important to understand those differences. Marketing Marketing refers to...

Expert Advice The Benefits of Hiring an Advertising Agency Smart business owners know how important advertising and marketing is to running a successful company. To save money and get the job done, many of those owners do their own advertising, whether that means running the company social media accounts, designing their own website or creating and running a radio commercial on a local station. But you might be surprised to know it’s often cheaper and more effective to hire an agency to do...

Print Advertising Isn’t Dead The Value of Print Advertising and Marketing Despite the incredibly popularity of the Internet and social media in recent years, consumers continue to have the most trust in print advertising. When asked how much trust they attach to advertising in various media, people generally ranked magazines and newspapers much higher than advertising on the Internet. What’s more, print media like direct mail and catalogues also outscored social media and the Internet respectively. Before digital advertisers and marketing professionals...