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Expert Advice

The Benefits of Hiring an Advertising Agency


Smart business owners know how important advertising and marketing is to running a successful company. To save money and get the job done, many of those owners do their own advertising, whether that means running the company social media accounts, designing their own website or creating and running a radio commercial on a local station.

But you might be surprised to know it’s often cheaper and more effective to hire an agency to do the work than to do it yourself. This saves valuable time and energy that can be better devoted to running your business. What’s more, an advertising agency will usually provide you will higher quality work than you could do yourself thanks to a staff with specialized skills, an expert understanding of the industry and professional-grade technologies.

Need more convincing? Here are some reasons why you should put down the DIY advertising plans and look for a professional advertising agency.


Creating ads and web-based content that resonates with your customers doesn’t just take special skills—it takes a lot of them. Advertising agencies employ the talents of people like graphic designers, writers, photographers, and web developers so that you have access to a full creative team without keeping them on your payroll. These people are professionals and can produce high-quality work with good results. What you share on your personal Facebook account might get as many as fifty likes from your friends and family, but this doesn’t guarantee you’ll have the same success with managing your business Facebook or Twitter feed. It takes an expert understanding of social media marketing strategies to generate a following and, most importantly, to maintain it.

Time and Money

As a business owner, your time is valuable and an essential part of keeping your customers happy and everything running smoothly. Hiring someone to do the advertising and marketing work for you means you have more time and energy to spend on the things that make you money. While you likely have great ideas about how to reach potential customers, is implementing those ideas the best use of your time? The work an advertiser involves knowing the different ways to reach a target audience, crafting a message and putting together an advertising campaign. It’s a full-time job in and of itself. With an agency, you get a dedicated team of experts to handle everything for you.


Because advertising and marketing agencies regularly buy media, they often have established relationships with media representatives and a number of media outlets like radio stations, television stations and newspapers. The agency can then leverage these relationships to get you the best deal. And agencies often pay less than direct retail clients, which means you will probably pay more if you approach media outlets yourself.

Advertising agencies can benefit any size business, as long as you find an agency that fits with your business goals. Not sure how to find the right advertising agency for you and your company? Check out these seven tips from Inc. magazine.