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NWA Looks Back

25 Years of Advertising and Marketing


Advertising and marketing has changed a great deal since NWA, Inc. opened it’s doors in 1990. Back when Microsoft was the first company to exceed $1 billion in sales and the personal computer was becoming a fixture in most homes, NWA began with plans to develop with technology so that clients always had the most up-to-date services.

“We started with drawing boards, but now we’re using the best computers and software available for graphic design and photography,” said Norm Williams, NWA President and CEO. “We’ve grown with the technological advancements so that our clients can stay ahead of their competition.”

Williams was born and raised on the north end of Flint, Michigan. His parents both worked for General Motors, but he knew that he wanted a more creative career. His drawing skills lead him toward graphic design.

Williams honed his design skills over ten years while working for local advertising agencies before he decided to open his own business in Grand Blanc, Michigan, where he currently lives with his wife and four children.

“I wanted to have my own business so that I could talk to my clients directly,” Williams said. “I want to get to know them so that I can tell their story for them.”

Along with print design, much of the work that Williams’ team does for clients is now focused on website design and production, as having a company website matters more than it ever has before.

“The industry is dominated by online advertising these days,” Williams said. “While we still use effective print marketing strategies, it is very important that we keep our clients competitive online. That’s how most potential customers look for businesses these days.”

But even as he and his team celebrate 25 years, Williams is already making plans to continue growing NWA in the years to come, both within the advertising and marketing industry and beyond it.

Earlier this year, Williams launched NWA Publishing, a self-publishing service provider that will be drawing from NWA’s 25 years of experience while pushing forward into a new industry.

When asked why he chose to open a self-publishing company, Williams explained that it was a logical step.

“I designed my first book cover for Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward, which is something I’d always wanted to do,” Williams said. “Now Chris and Orrin are both New York Times bestsellers and we’ve produced more than 50 books.”

Since producing that first book, Williams won an ADDY award for book design from the American Advertising Federation and has become very familiar with the publishing process.

But even as the company expands, Williams said the clients will always be the main focus of NWA, Inc.

“I’m particularly proud of our ability to retain clients and the results of our relationship with those clients,” said Williams. “That they’re happy with our work means we’re going in the right direction.”