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In this digital age, many companies have decided they don’t need a print marketing brochure, referring people to their website or social media pages instead. However, are they missing the boat?

Increasingly, many companies engage in digital/online marketing because these forms of marketing offer speed, cost effectiveness and interaction with clients and prospective clients. However, printed brochures can be used alongside online marketing activities to help communicate to your target audiences. Their merits include the following.
Merits of printed brochures

  • Tangibility: a printed brochure can make your service tangible by communicating the services you offer and how you can help business/individuals. It can also get across the ‘personality’ of your firm.
  • Convenience: online brochures put the onus on the reader to ‘click through’, ’download’ or ‘search’. Furthermore, they don’t provide an ongoing physical reminder of your firm. A printed brochure on the recipient’s desk is a constant reminder of the practice. A brochure is more user friendly; it can be read at home or on a train, annotated, and shared with colleagues/business contacts etc.
  • Target audience: consider the profile of your target audience. Will using only digital marketing tools will be sufficient to reach them? Some business sectors are slower than others to adopt these methods. You need to take this fact into consideration when planning your marketing activities.
  • Integration with digital marketing: firms that engage with digital marketing will find that printed brochures help drive traffic to your website or social media pages. QR codes or augmented reality readers on your brochure enable users to link directly via mobile phone to the appropriate page on your website. You can then monitor how many people have used your brochures to do this. At the very least your printed brochure should refer people to your website.

[divider] Key considerations Things to consider with a printed brochure: [custom_list style=”list-11″]

  • Brand consistency: make sure your brochure fits with all other branded items that you have, including your website. The reader should associate the logo, copy and overall design of your brochure with everything else they see of your firm. It is important to ensure that there is a consistency of messaging across all channels, online and offline. This helps to build recognition of your brand and acts as a reminder of what you do.
  • External quality printing versus internal cost savings: the brochure must make a good impression when you give it to someone. Internally produced versions may look cheap, so invest in the design and print services of a good local agency. In many cases the upfront cost of using an external printer is cheaper than the ongoing costs of using your own paper and replacing print cartridges.
  • Format: a smaller format, such as A5 or a third of A4 size, will be cheaper to produce and mail as well as being a better format for handing out at events and meetings.

[/custom_list] [divider] Dissemination Having invested in good quality printed brochures, now put them to good use: [custom_list style=”list-11″]

[/custom_list] Printed brochures still have a major role to play in helping to promote your services to prospective and existing clients. Integrating your printed brochure with your digital marketing

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activities will help to increase the return on investment of your marketing activities.